Q. what’s the difference between friends of mohave county animal shelter and mohave county animal shelter and WAHS?

A. Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter (Friends of MCAS) is a non-profit formed to fundraise for the county shelter. The Mohave County Animal Shelter is the actual shelter itself and is run by the county. WAHS is the Western Arizona Humane Society and they ran the shelter until July 2019.


Q. What is a no kill ethic?

A. MCAS has embraced what we have come to call our “no-kill ethic.” We define this ethic as applying the same criteria to determining a homeless pets’ fate that a pet owner or conscientious veterinarian would apply to a beloved family pet. That is, healthy and treatable animals are not euthanized (killed) simply because of a lack of resources.


Q. what is open intake?

A. Open intake means that any domestic animal is accepted into the shelter, either from animal control, someone surrendering their family pet, or a citizen dropping off a stray. For any non-domestic animal you should contact AZ fish and game.