Dedicated To The Care Of The Mohave County Shelter Animals


Our Mission

Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter provides financial and volunteer support to the homeless, ill, injured and abandoned animals of Mohave County.  


Our Vision as Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter is to be a reputable and ethical community of volunteers supporting the animals of Mohave County.



Raise funds to pay for spay/neuter and medical costs for animals in the shelter.


Hold adoption events so animals can be adopted within the community.


Facilitate transport of animals to no kill rescue partners.


Use the internet and social media to network and promote our adoptable animals.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


In July 2019 the Mohave County board of supervisors voted to take over operations of the shelter when no bids were received from outside animal care organizations. The county decided to continue to run the shelter with a no-kill ethic (it is an open intake shelter, so they must take every animal that comes in, and as such some are too sick or aggressive to adopt out to the community).

During the first month of operation under County control, the shelter incurred over $12,000 in veterinary services. Financial and volunteer support was necessary to continue to care for animals in need. That is when the Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter was created. Our group recognized the importance of creating a lasting organization to support the Mohave County Animal Shelter and have applied for our non-profit status.

Our work has already begun through volunteering at adoption events, organizing fundraisers, and promoting awareness of the shelter.